Tentang Aku = About Me

A Newer, Less Skeptical Face 2013

One foot never plants itself down, the other searches for the ground
Conceived in the O.C. and born in 90s Jakarta, I dwelled in NYC
Digging through dusty plays to find existential meaning
Theatre is my passion 
Photography is my expression
Writing is my sanctuary
And voice is my chosen route from confusion to self-explanation
All of these things, somehow, have planted me in London

"Kisah Jika = Stories of Ifs" will, hopefully, offer...
1. Entertaining anecdotes
2. Cautionary tales with a dash of stupidity 
3. Comedic reenactments of what could have been somewhat more elegant
4. Egotistical perspectives about society and self
5. Requests from mentors, friends, lovers and imaginary characters 
6. Ideas that have lost steam
7. Lists such as these

Sorry to disappoint but that is not a shot glass previously filled with vodka :P 2012

Cheers my friends, 
See you at the other end

As you can see I currently live as a nomad, thank goodness for the Internet, right?
Email: robynsoetikno@yahoo.com
Photography portfolio: http://maxxkatrobyn.tumblr.com
Twitter Handle: @MaxKatRobyn

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