Friday, October 27, 2017

Go Ahead

You should go ahead with her.
Sure, you'll have to explain your quirks and she could be a handful, but at least she will make you happy(er).
She will make you laugh every few minutes.
She will inspire you to learn more about the world around you.
And she won't hurt you like I could.
I, on the other hand, have put you on a pedestal, knowing that you could be even better.
I have my bad days that will eventually darken your skies.
I have my doubts and my fears and my insecurities. 
All of which, I fear, would eventually eat you whole. 
If they knew that you meant as much as you have meant to me, I'm afraid, they would track you down and circle your legs before blanketing you in darkness, the darkness from which I run from every day, the darkness that has become my loyal companion. 
So, go, go away with her. 

And you won't be able to fly as freely as you've always dreamt.

I've helped you take off and now she will help you soar.

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