Thursday, January 19, 2017

Complicated Critters

It was the first day of college. Lots of new faces passed me by. Out of nowhere, I began introducing myself. Perhaps, I was mimicking those around me. Perhaps, I was suppressing my fear of being stranded in this school. Or perhaps, I was compelled to do so for fear of missing out.

Sure, I felt a jolt of uncertainty, but somehow making the first attempt, which of course proved to be easy, diluted all the fear away. It was the first day of college and I was rather excited to make new friends.

The last time I made friends was in kindergarten. 14 years before the first day of college, I was headed to my first day of kindergarten. I didn't know anyone and if I remember correctly, I had no intention of knowing anyone. As an only child, I did not see the joy of speaking with people my own age, when I could converse about current events with adults.

Friendship, especially making new friends, does not come naturally to me. And without much interest, I never truly learned the necessary social skills to make friends effectively.

But then, suddenly, five years after the first day of college, I found myself making friends quickly and easily. Ironically, when I was most myself (read: weird) I was able to attract new friends. Sure, one of them looks like an adorable critter and the other proves to be as complicated as me, but that only compels me to anticipate hanging out with them even more.

For a very, very long time I found myself looking for these newfound friends. I can't wait to talk to them, make them laugh, and sing-a-long with them in the car. For once, I wanted to see my friends all the time.

In retrospect, most days making friends happens as easily as it did on the first day of college. Oddly enough, much like the first day of college, we are still alone on most days of our lives. All I had to learn was to say "Hi!"

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