Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's March 30

It's March 30. In less than 30 hours I will break my sorta, kinda New Year's Resolution by failing to publish a piece. What if I fail? What if I fail again? Today, a friend in real life commented on February's solitary post. Ironically, the post was about disappointment, more precisely disappointing oneself. It's funny when real life people intrude your "virtual" existence. It feels much like when a friend that I've only known in New York visits me in Indonesia. Oddly, it feels wrong when characters cross worlds. So, why do I so badly want you to cross to the other side? Why do I want you to see my past, to relish the streets I used to love? I wonder what you'd say if you were to read my blog. By this sentence, you've probably realized how cerebral these words are. I wonder if you'd run away at the sight of this unstructured, chaotic mess. I wonder if you'd be disappointed.

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