Saturday, September 19, 2015

1st Article on

A month ago,, a coveted online publication for women, published my article titled "Coming out as a LGBTQ Supporter". The article was published just as I moved to back home after years of living abroad.

Jakarta can be unforgiving, especially to those who are on the fringe. Thinking differently and being vocal can get you into troubled. Nevertheless, coming out did not feel as daunting as expected. Compared to the ordeal that some of my friends had to deal with it, mine was painless. Instead, many thought that I was open minded to even discuss the topic.

However, writing and having the article published highlighted one thing about my journey as a LGBTQ Supporter in Jakarta: I am nowhere near the core of the issue.

Being absent from home meant losing touch with reality. As much as I tried to be up-to-date, I failed. And now, as a consequence, I am propelled to delve deeper into the LGBTQ issues in Jakarta and wider Indonesia.

Yet, a part of me often wonders, what if I hadn't gone abroad? What if I hadn't seen what I saw at that exact time and place? I wonder if I would be support my brothers and sisters?

*Image was taken as a screenshot of the online article

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