Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Negotiation

I write stories worse than mine
Worse than two blue check mark signs
Worse than time differences
Or communication preferences

I write stories that highlight our privilege
Stories that undermine the little things in life
And accentuates those we take for granted
Freedom, opportunity, and bright prospects

Our journey won’t be easy
There are applications to submit
Rejection letters to file
And problems to admit  

Our baggage weighs nothing
Compared to being held captive
Being beheaded
Being raped

And yet, I still feel it
Feel my heart dropping
With disappointment
And now guilt

My brain rationalizes the pain
Scores it against increasingly horrifying headlines
Negotiating its value, its worth and its legitimacy
Questioning its validity

Terror continues to recruit
Perception aims and shoots
My decisions will go unused
Leaving my conscience partly bruised

Yet, slowly, my own scars will heal
As I decide to adopt ignorance
To cast away my worries
And abandon my expectations 

Nevertheless, the negotiation forges on
Between my ego and the universe’s
Battling beyond dawn

Until one of our fate’s are reversed

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