Friday, March 14, 2014

Publication Plan for Spring Break

As Spring Break approaches, I take a deep breath and begin prepping documents to be sent to professors. Although it won't come as a surprise to any of my friends, I am nearly finished with all the work that are due after the break. However, again this won't really trigger a shock, but I have piled a ton more on my plate, whether it is editing and coordinating articles for Indonesia Mengglobal*, queuing photographs on my tumblr (MaxxKatRobyn's Gallery), as well as SLCspeaks' tumblr, readying myself for this year's Eastern Psychological Association Conference in Boston, and last but not least, scheduling articles for this blog, Additionally, I will be going on break, which I am severely looking forward to.

Now, hopefully you took the hint. I am rather behind with my posts for this website. Fortunately, though, I have been thinking about posting my weekly papers from past classes in a chronological manner to perhaps, show how writing requires practice and persistence. The topics might seem like a drag, but they are or were truly interesting at the time. On the flip side, writing is still writing, whether the prompts are boring or exciting. Maybe, one could even learn more about how to write by delving into some draggy and foreign subjects.

Additionally, I plan on leaking the plays that I have written thus far. I will make sure to provide some premise at the beginning before showing a scene or two, just as a way to clarify things. I thought it would be an ideal way to introduce my love for theatre, which has definitely been lurking in the background for much, much too long. Of course, as previously noted, I will elaborate on the New York theatre scene, as well as the love affair that the theatre and I have fostered for almost a decade (Eek! Wow, I'm old!).

So, there you go! I apologize in advanced for not preparing enough articles to publish throughout the month of March. Let's just say that I got a bit carried away in February, by writing unwarranted amount of 21 posts. Please go easy on me, especially in the few months prior to graduation, which will definitely be full of turmoil and enthusiasm. Again, if you would like to see pieces on particular topics, as well as certain writing styles or forms, please let me know in the comment bar below. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Have a great March! Take it easy!

*As of February 2014, I joined the team as North American regional editor.

All the photos above were supplied by the author.


  1. You go, girl! SO proud that you have been chosen to deliver a paper at the Boston conference......not everone gets that chance. Break a leg!!!!

  2. That, of course, was from the Big Bule :-)