Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nudity Here I Come: Inspired by latest Indonesia Mengglobal Post! Oops!

Nature is my preferential scapegoat. Whenever someone asks me, "Why are you leaving New York?" I turn to them and ask, "Have you heard the news lately?"
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Since my first night at Sarah Lawrence, nature had not been on my side. Fellow freshmen and I huddled in our beds or hung out in the common room whilst the Hurricane Irene knocked relentlessly on our windows, threatening to break glass as they did with the branches. When I left Jakarta, I optimistically believed that I was also leaving the floods, little did I know, by the end of the first week of school, downtown Bronxville, where SLC is located, was covered in water. 

Once everything settled down, we experienced what we now lovingly refer to as "The Freak Snow Storm In Mid-October". The name might not conjure endearing images, but it definitely captures the insane and sudden nature of the storm. It was freaky, out of control, and very, very random. 

My second year in Sarah Lawrence, we experienced Hurricane Sandy, which devastated New York City. Apartments below 34th Street lost power. Our dorms lost power and hot water for days, while other areas were totally destroyed by Super Storm Sandy. 
Counting down till' I can wear shorts and hang out on a stoop!
If there is one thing that I have learned about nature, after more than two and a half years living in New York State, is that it doesn't and will not disappoint. Just as I thought, I would spend my third year, free from natural disasters, the Polar Vortex hit. New York saw one of the coldest days in years. Snow kept on coming. Last week, I didn't come to class because of Snow Days, yes, we have a designated name for days when school is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Well, after a while, I just got sick of it, so I wrote a little piece for Instead of complaining relentlessly, I decided to be a good sport and include tips to survive nature at its worst, relatively speaking. So, here we are at my 9th article for IM. Looking back, it has definitely been quite the journey, especially since it's only been seven months since I began contributing to the site. Fingers crossed, someone's reading and making use of the info or at the very least, hopefully the article will instigate some laughter. 

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