Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hibernating and Sh*t

Maybe you've read it in the news, maybe you've heard your friends scream about it, but yes, this winter is cold as hell. Also, maybe you've realized the unlikely presence of curse words in this post. Well yes, when it's freezing outside and you choose to stay at home for more than two days in a row, you tend to become more unusual than usual. So, here I am, paying homage to the polar vortex, or whatever it is that created this monster of a weather, in hopes of convincing it to leave ASAP.

How long has it been since I wore shorts? Three weeks ago, actually.

Things to do whilst it's cold outside:
1. Do write about it. Clearly, one does not have to write about the experience itself. However, when you have family and friends abroad, who are so bored of the beautiful tropical weather and crave any insight on the beauty of winter, you are obliged to chronicle your time in the snow. Of course, there are multiple routes to take. For instance, I submitted a post to an online publication about surviving disasters whilst in college. Then, I did some write up on my blog, as well as made some captions to go along with promoting my articles. In between, I wrote some things that sounded more nostalgic than I meant it to be, as I longed for the warmth that I had so enjoyed during winter break.

2. Do take photos. Recently, Indonesia's first lady, Ibu Ani Yudhoyono, became somewhat of an Instagram sensation, as she takes the site by storm with her photographs and captions. Again, when you have the privilege to touch snow, to create snowmen, and to brave a snowstorm, don't forget to take photos. Believe me, in the past few days, I've been receiving more likes on Instagram than ever before and all thanks to this horrid predicament.

3. Don't complain. Amidst such weather conditions, I fluctuate between giddy and miserable on a daily basis. When I'm out and about, i.e. when I'm around people, I begin to realize the dangers of complaining. Perhaps, this is due to my weary ears, which is exposed to a myriad of grievance about the weather. I mean, there are people who are worst off than we are (i.e. college students in New York, with a roof over our heads). And yet, before I could say, "Get over it, already!" I'm back in my room, awaiting for another day of hibernation, which surprisingly inspires a whole lot of gripe.

4. Do hibernate. As it is the beginning of my last semester at Sarah Lawrence, I am somewhat required to create a sweet balance between rest and play. However, since I am jet lagged and antagonized by the outdoors, I have chosen the former. Therefore, I have been sleeping, watching TV, writing, and reading for the past few days, in the hopes of gaining enough energy to charge through the semester. I'd like to think that this is me, making wise decisions about spending those snow days.

5. Do peruse the internet, but don't commit. What's a girl to do once she has stuck herself in an apartment? Well, personally, I start online shopping. Picturing a revamped bedroom in Jakarta, I scour through different online shopping sites for the perfect cushion or the cutest salt and pepper shaker. Endless scrolling is kosher, but please, please, please avoid committing. Try real hard not to click your virtual shopping cart. And don't you dare hit "Submit Order", because do realize that in a few weeks time, warmth will permeate through the air and you will be left with boxes to empty and items to return and, even worse, the guilt of impulse shopping.

One of many "Like" worthy posts on Instagram. 

As you can see, this is a particularly short list. I've been making short lists all weekend, ranging from a series of ideas on books, options on how to spend Spring Break, as well as a bucket list of things to do in New York. Now, I just can't wait to unleash the monster that I've mustered next week, on the first week of school. Yeah, yeah, procrastination is a sin. But, hey, after three days spent in my very own foxhole, I don't give a rat's ass, as long as I see a possible increase in temperature on my weather app.

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