Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At My Fingertips: Leaked

Maybe, I'm jinxing it. Maybe, this is a stupid decision. But maybe, I just need to let it out, to reveal just enough...

For the past few years, I have played with the idea of writing a novel. However, things have been a bit rough, when it comes to writer's block and all that. So, I decided to leak bits and pieces of the books that I have begun writing. Feel free to comment, but as always, be aware of your language and this tender heart of mine. 

If Only Writing a Novel Required As Much Concentration as this Children's Book

At My Fingertips (working title)
At my fingertips there is the world. Today, the globe seems smaller than a Ping-Pong ball. If lack of connection is no longer an issue, then why am I alone?

At this moment, I am sitting in Time Square. The air seems suddenly cleaner. Granted, it is only six am. But, isn’t New York the city that never sleeps? With an unlit cigarette twirling between my fingers, I continue to read my tattered paperback. The truth is, I don’t smoke, can’t smoke, especially with these lungs of mine. The truth is, I am in love, addicted with the smell of the cigarette. It reminds me of the skin I can’t touch through the screen and the lips that I can’t kiss through the web. 

*Author has the rights to publish the photo above

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