Monday, December 16, 2013

IndonesiaMengglobal: Second Indonesian Post

Writing for a blog is one thing and writing to an online publication is another. Today, I have written seven articles to, a site that was created by Indonesian students abroad for Indonesians students who are interested in studying abroad (Yes! Redundant sentence).

Why have I written so much to one publication in just a few months? Honestly, it began when I was much younger. In high school there weren't a lot of students who were prepared to study abroad. Though information is readily available online, it does require some time and concentration to go through. When I applied for college, no publication or site was available for Indonesian students, in particular. Naturally, when I learned how to contribute to such a page, I had many things to talk about. College is a rich instance in our lives, which is preceded by a tedious application process. As someone who will soon graduate, I also felt that it was my duty to share what I have learned and experienced.

At the beginning of my work with IM, I wrote in English. I felt much more confident in communicating in a second language, rather than my own. Perhaps, this was due to my lack of experience and practice writing in Indonesian. Following high school, I did not have much opportunity to speak, read or write in my native tongue, instead I had to correspond in English. More importantly, I received feedback for my use of the English language. Through IM, I have been able to begin writing in Indonesian again. Unlike other instances, I felt much more secure as Martin, the co-founder of IM and one of the editors, worked with me to prepare the piece for publication.

After six months working with IM, I can't believe that my seventh piece is now up on the site. Since it is written in Indonesian, I will post the translated version on as well.

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