Monday, December 9, 2013

Geek by Choice: Steps to intentionally ruining your eyes

People make mistakes in life. Some are catastrophic, while others are adequately minute to be shoved under the rug. I, certainly, have made terrible, stupid decisions in my life that has bordered on both catastrophic and minute. Actually, many remain in the grey zone, unable to be diagnosed nor persecuted.

Geek by Choice!

In fifth grade, I began to sit closer and closer to the TV. Fully intent on getting glasses, I read in the dark, while laying on the bed. As a child, I was used to going to the store the eye ware store. I loved seeing the colorful selection laid out in front of me. Loved it so much that I wanted one for myself. But, instead of getting fake ones without prescription, I was dead set on real ones. I know, stupid, right?

Soon enough, I needed my very first set of spectacles. I remember how proud I felt to have them weight on my nose bridge and my ears. I had succeeded and transformed myself. Yes, perhaps, the true intention was to take on a whole new identity, one which was rarely endorsed by society. I wanted to be a geek. I wanted to have braces, as well, but thankfully forgot about the entire thing before it was too late. For some reason, I identified with the subculture of geeks. I desired access certain doors, ones that were exclusive to geeks. And it certainly did not help that my longest best friend had braces and still wears glasses.

Unabashedly In Love With Dinos

Years after, as I sit and type up this short piece, I realize how our true selves often transcend into our behavior and decisions. Clearly, I have always been proud about being different, I even identified with it without anyone telling me. Mistakes are detrimental, sometimes, but more often than not, they highlight our true intentions, even ones that may not be condoned by the public or by norms.

So, for this holiday season, wear your favorite, albeit ugly sweater and enjoy it. Worst comes to worst, grab a glass of booze and you'll find yourself with a clean slate by sunrise!

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