Tuesday, November 19, 2013

50th Post: A celebration of my readers and pixie dust

After being in a research class, surveys have become an insignificant part of life. It loses it's irritating nature, adopting a blandness similar to bread sticks. You can do without them, but sometimes, for whatever reason, be it extra credit or to support a friend, you fill the sucker out. Well today, a friend sent me hers. For once, the questionnaire boasted a list of beguiling, yet familiar inquiries. Unlike most tests I had taken, this one revolved around determination and procrastination. It asked me how often I completed my goals within a week. Long story short, I am not one to linger. In high school, my friends dubbed me "The Project Dash," which referred to a game that requires one to be swift in serving customers at a restaurant. Though I often find myself a week early with my work and ambitious with my goals, rarely do I embark on a whim, such as this blog.

The very first post 
Earlier this year, I began pondering on a name, one that would aptly explain all of the letters bottled up in my head. I even thought about the consequences to starting an online journal. Would it be too predictive of a twentysomething to start something a blog? Isn't it too mainstream? Imagine the risk of appearing immature, narcissistic, and worst of all, an airhead! Yes, all of those questions and concerns fluttered in my head and in my stomach as I journeyed into Blogger. In high school I had begun an online journal, which failed to be filled with consistent entries. But, truth be told, maybe there is something to the self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps, deep down, I had made up my mind about this blog. Maybe, writing in private and for others felt no longer sufficient. 

Admittedly, this blog had to crawl before it could tumble about. A few months after inception, it still had none but two entries. It looked sad. Really. Though I was tenacious and quick in nature, I did not have enough drive to rally up my wits and consistently produce articles. The good thing about modern technology is that one could start small and stay small, until further decision is made. 

Who would have thought that I would one day write my 50th post? Not me. 

One of Many Favorite Posts

The summer is the seasonal catalyst for change. Twentysomethings, New York University Class, was the benzene this blog required. A weekly assignment jumpstarted this forgotten and seemingly hopeless endeavor. Without it, I would not have reached this post nor the amount of readership that this blog has garnered. As someone who relies on herself too frequently, I have forgotten the meaning of serendipity, of external factors, be it pixie dust to fly or an unplanned variable that would push me to reach a goal that so long remained in the peripheries of my mind. 
Some Comments About KisahJika.Com - For #48
This 50th post is a tribute to all the little things that "accidentally" helps us succeed, as well as to the loyal and new audience of KisahJika.com


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