Friday, October 11, 2013

SLCspeaks: How I finally stopped avoiding writing for this lovely site

SLCspeaks has become a meaningful, if not, one of the few constants in my life at Sarah Lawrence. An online publication created by Ella Riley-Adams and honed by a great team, which includes some of my favorite people on campus (read: in the world), SLCspeaks is where I've grow as both a photography editor and a organizer of sorts. A site that promotes Sarah Lawrence students to speak up and express themselves, SLCspeaks is a melting pot of both controversial and mild opinions. Furthermore, it is home to useful guidance as to surviving Sarah Lawrence.

First written contribution for SLCspeaks

In the past two years, I have been in charge of the tumblr, which encourages students to send in photographs and other pieces of visual images. Though the tumblr is merely an accompaniment of the site, it has definitely become a place to share our experiences at SLC. The opportunity that people hand you may come as a surprise, but believe that they did it with some sort of reasoning in mind. Generally, they evaluated your materials, portfolio or CV before taking the plunge. Well, to me, becoming part of SLCspeaks even before arriving on campus ever, really cemented my excitement for Sarah Lawrence. At the very least, it gave me a place to belong in, although I would have to prove myself that I am not too strange to be part of the group.

Our "Who We Are" Section

Since the beginning of my time at SLCspeaks, I have been avoiding writing for the site. As an international student, whose mother tongue is not English, I was quite meek about the possibility of writing for such a great publication. More importantly, writers for SLCspeaks are often very passionate about what they have to say and, perhaps, having been raised in an Asian culture or sheer insecurity, stopped me from finding that story and writing it. Well, after such a long wait, I've finally mustered the courage to contribute my writing to SLCspeaks. Funnily, the topic could not be odder, especially since I'm graduating in a few months time.

Many of you have asked me what the first night in college feels like? Well, for my first writing piece for SLCspeaks, I wrote about that exact topic. Here it is:

Thank you to the lovely Gabrielle for being such a warm and wonderful editor/friend.

*Author owns rights to all the photos above

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