Friday, June 14, 2013

Twentysomething Response 8: Millennials' take on news, losing our virginity, and college-for-all Packaged in One Episode of JKFilms

90s: "Did you hear the news today?"
2013: "Cray cray news alert!"

Clearly, media has gone through drastic renovations for the past decade. With the addition of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, emerging adults experience a totally new way of receiving, sharing, and even creating news. As much as I hate to admit it, I have fallen into the slid off the "conventional" bandwagon by watching news on YouTube. To clarify, I, personally, don't regard these shows as news, instead they are a great way to learn information that tend to be more shocking than the ones that appear on TV. They are also ways to communicate with other viewers and keep in touch with the young adult culture, especially in the U.S. For the past few months I have been watching JKNews, which is produced by JK Films, one of the most intriguing and innovative Asian American production companies in Los Angeles, CA. Their shows, though vulgar at times, make for hilarious and relevant entertainment. But, the most appealing aspect of the JKFilms is their candidness and their ability to freely share their thoughts with viewers.

"On the latest JKNews," as Olivia Thai would say, a mother arranged her son to lose his virginity. Cue talks on over attentive parents of the Millennial generation.  A "Helicopter mom", apparently a term reserved for mothers who are highly invested and observant of her children's emotions, development, behavior, and tendencies, basically rented a hotel room for her nineteen-year-old son, who planned on losing his virginity to his girlfriend. Interestingly, when unpacked, this story is a representation of the struggle that most parents constantly face at this moment in time. Assuming that children will do it either way, parents are encouraged to prevent health and safety implications by allowing children to drink at home but not drive. An aunt in Holland provided my cousin with a light box that spells out "Sex" when lit up as one of many measures of ensuring that her daughter is having safe sex at home instead of at a car or a motel. By retaining control, parents are able to increase the likelihood for safe and healthy tendencies, including sex, drug use, and alcohol consumption.

This story also reflects the discussion we had on Thursday, June 13. In class we discussed parental responses to children who transition from adolescence to emerging adulthood. The conversation centered primarily on the primary milestones, however we have yet to talk about the details beneath these five tenets. From my understanding, the act of losing one's virginity, though less public at times, continues to be considered a milestone. But, as we see with the article and conversation around the helicopter mom, parental responses to these events could have a crucial impact on the child's development and could be a reflection of the parents' transition.

Each show, JKNews delivers approximately two news, both are categorized under certain groups, including "Prostitution News", "Parenting News", "College News", so on. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, the next story is of college. Even though they did not particularly hit the jackpot, the group talked about the college-for-all phenomena. The presenters took a recent finding that 27% of college graduates work in the same field as their majors as an indicator that many students attend postsecondary institutions just for the sake of attaining a degree. They also spoke about the lack of preparation that students experience throughout college and when entering the work place.

JKNews is one of many channels that provide extraordinary news to the masses. Emerging adults, unlike members of the previous generation, are exposed to more information than ever before. However, it is salient to understand the validity and meaning of these stories. And perhaps, this is where postsecondary education plays a major role. Even though this is a short blogpost, it touches on several pertinent issues surrounding Millennials.

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